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Advertising campaigns.

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We plan the implementation of our advertising campaigns in advance after reviewing the market’s situation and performing the correct statistics in order to determine the target audience and the expected results for the campaign. Our experienced team has all the required qualifications for managing a successful campaign and achieving the best results.
  • Designing and Managing newspaper and magazine Ads
  • Designing and Managing all kinds of road Ads
  • Creating promotional gifts campaigns
  • Creating and managing Radio and TV Ads
  • Creating and managing media centers
  • Managing SMS messaging campaigns
  • Managing Social Media Campaigns
  • Media consultancy
  • Creating all Kinds of media solutions

Media Ads, TV and Radio

The rapid development in the production techniques for advertisements requires our complete attention as the interactivity between the audio and the video creates an impressive image for the advertised product. Radio Ads also reach a wide spectrum of people.
What you get to do everyday:

Documentary Films

Freepoint excels in filming and art direction technology which is why our documentaries create an imprint in the industry. Our Agency also offers documented step by step video reports for major projects .
What you get to do everyday:

Multimedia products

What we’re looking for:
We specialize in all multimedia solution products that serves institutions and companies.

Web design and development

We design dynamic interactive websites with domain and hosting reservations and annual maintenance contracts that allows your website to create a real impact on the Internet reflecting positively on your firm’s activities.

Mobile applications

- We develop smart phone applications using the latest technologies to cover all the needs of our customers. Our apps are compatible with both (IOS) and (Android) systems and they can be downloaded easily on all smart phones through the app store and Google play.

Exhibitions and conferences

The importance of exhibitions and conferences lies in meeting potential clients and decision makers in the field and showing them the vision of your business. This happens only with the supervision of an expert team in the field that follows distinct media strategies.

Decoration work

Our vision in the decoration field is different and modern we use the latest designs and materials in decorating firms, exhibitions and conferences and that allows us to gain the trust of our customers.

3D animation and real estate

The architectural 3d designs are the most common way to simulate real estate projects using distinctive artistic treatment that is based on creating more realistic animated designs suitable for advertising and marketing activities for real estate projects.

Scale models

We have the latest 3D printing machines that allows us to produce a professional and exact 3d scale model of any 3d design.

Gift items

One of the most important professional tools that provide the customers with a nice impression of interest therefore we have a special set of gifts that complement our client’s firms activities through highlighting their identity.
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Holograpfx and smart screens

The latest visual display technology that display video Ads as stereoscopic 3D view for a product or logo or cartoon character which is floating in the air. Which provides for a unique experience for kids and adults customers alike.
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